Lash Extension Look Book

Everything you need to know about choosing the correct set for you

We've made a list of 10 reasons ladies come and get lashes at our salon... can you relate to any of these?
1. They don't want to wear mascara anymore
2. They feel beautiful every day with zero effort, even with no makeup
3. They like natural looking lashes but they want them longer and darker
4. They have a baby or young child, aren't sleeping much and have tired eyes - lashes make them feel better
5. It makes getting ready for work easier and you always look "done up"
6. Their natural lashes are blonde or light and they want them to always look black
7. Their natural lashes are short and they want them to be longer
8. Their eyes are a little hooded and they can't see their natural lashes
9. They are getting married soon or they have a special occasion they want to look and feel amazing for
10. Because they just want to feel pretty and good about how they look every day and lashes make that happen!

Check out our "look book" below to help choose the best set for you and your life style

Classic Lash Extensions

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✨ CLASSIC LASH EXTENSIONS ✨ We love the soft, natural effect that classic lashes have on our beautiful clients eyes!

Classic lash extensions are perfect for:
✨ More of a natural enhancement than a dramatic effect
✨ Lashes that fit easily into your day to day routine
✨ A super soft, sweet and subtle look
✨ Those who haven't had extensions before and aren't sure which style they prefer

Classic lashes (like all of our lash sets) are completely customisable and versatile. Whether you're after super soft and natural or darker and glam we've got you 😘

Did you know that we have developed our very own line of lashes that we exclusively use in salon?
Rest assured that every lash that we applied has been researched, designed and developed by us. Nothing but the very best for our babes!


Hybrid Lash Extensions


Hybrids are a combination of classic and volume lashes, and they are fabulous at creating fullness and gorgeous texture.

Hybrid lash extensions are perfect for:
✨ Someone who has had lashes done before and doesn't want them really subtle
✨ A whispy, fluffy and textured look without being too full
✨ A relatively low maintenance set- because they are textured it doesn't look really obvious when you are due for a refill appointment

Volume Lash Extensions


✨ VOLUME LASH EXTENSIONS ✨  (it’s one of our most popular sets and this is why):

⭐️ They stay looking fuller for longer
⭐️ They have a denser and dark lash line than the hybrid set
⭐️ You can still customise your styling and fullness
⭐️ It just looks totally gorgeous

Mega Volume Lash Extensions



✨ Perfect for super glam babes that want to get NOTICED
✨ Fluffy, soft and super eye enhancing, mega volume lashes are for perfect for those who love that extra special look

Extreme Mega Volume Lash Extensions



✨ These are considered a specialty lash set of ours at LB&C and they are done with our very own specific lash line to create the blackest, darkest but SOFTEST lashes you have ever seen. 

✨ Extreme Mega Volume is extremely lightweight and non damaging (just like all of our lash sets) and are perfect for achieving a mega volume look if you have minimal natural lashes. 


Fox Lash Extensions



✨ Achieved with a specialty curl to create a super sultry cat/fox eye effect. We are actually obsessed 🤩
✨ These are available in a soft or glam look depending upon how full you are wanting them.

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Meet Our Founder

Meet the incredible owner of Lavish Beauty & Co, Georgia 🌟
Her passion for enhacing her clients natural beauty and dedication to creating and providing luxury services while creating a safe, inclusive environment for all of our salon guests truly sets Lavish Beauty & Co apart.

With nearly 15 years industry experience she has a new found dedication to eductaion and has developed her very own series of professional products and courses.

“I love how many opportunities there are in our industry and how it's always evolving and changing. Everyday is different and I have so much love for what I do and for the people that support my dream so I can continue to do what I love every single day.”

 - Georgia



From the very begining of LB&C. (2018) Tahnee has been working hard creating the most beautiful lashes and brows.
You will never find anyone as passionate about lash fluff as this girl ☝️
Tahnee is an absoute BOSS and is the manager of our Ipswich salon and takes care of majority of our social media, phone messages and emails alongside her loyal client base. 


This is Alexa. She is our little ray of sunshine while she zooms around the salon making sure all of our guests are super comfortable.
 She's amazing at creating BOMB lashes and brows. 💣
Alexa has been with us at LB&C for almost 2 years now and consistantly blows her clients away with her attention to detail and bubbly personality (just check our google reviews!)


Meet Dina 👋

Dina loves a good laugh and all of her regular clients become her besties and schedule their lash and brow appointments with her for months and months in advance (she's actually one of our most highly requested artists) 
With over 4 years experience lashing is in her DNA!
Know that you are in the most capable hands with Dina.

Imagine this: you wake up, walk to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and instead of looking half asleep, you look So. SO. Good.

💋 You’re tanned. Your lashes are long & dark. Your brows are perfect… And this becomes your every day life because you are now a VIP member of Lavish Beauty & Co. and you’re basically a celebrity here now, always looking flawless because of your regular appointments.

 You feel confident and amazing every day because you prioritise looking your best at all times now, and you know that how you feel about yourself = the quality of your life. This was made for you babe.

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